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I Need Your Help With My Little Ballerina!

Hello People!

How is your week going?! Mine thank God is going very smoothly.

Today I need your help. My daughter is in dance school and she is learning  Salsa, Hip-Hop, Ballet, and Jazz and every year she participates in a Dancing Recital in order to fulfill the requirements necessary for moving forward with her dancing career.

She needs 6 costumes for her recital, so between her Recital Fees and her costumes I have to pay a fee of $700 and it is due on April 27th. Last year it was only $500 but this year she wanted another class so I enrolled her in Hip-Hop.

Last year I did raise the money with a HairBow and Cookie sale (I made a lot of HairBows and baked a lot of cookies) and since I noticed that payment button and read all the hows to I decided to bring my HariBow sale to my blog to raise the money and I need your help!

My HairBows are Handmade by me, I do have new colors, size, and style for this year and they are so cute! I will be posting them starting tomorrow.

I hope you can help us!

With Love,


“If you educate a man, you simply educate an individual, but if you educate a woman, you educate a whole nation” – James Emman Kwegyir Aggrey

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