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Today’s Food TBT

Hello People,

I really wish you are having a wonderful week!

For today’s tbt I will show you some of the restaurants we visit on our Florida Vacation.

I love Florida, it is such an amazing and warm place, I love it maybe because it reminds me of my country. You can wear sandals, shorts, and a tank top basically every day. Imagine dropping your kids off at school and go food shopping in November with a short sleeve shirt and very nice sandals. It is like a dream come true.


We have been going to Hollywood Florida for the past 3 years, I like Hollywood Florida because is more family oriented and we were in the middle of everything.

We ate in so many places but I will show you my favorites.



  • Versailles, everything in this place is amazing so delicious, I like the prices too, but if you are going to eat dinner go extremely early or don’t go on a weekend. The good thing about this place is that after you eat dinner you can go to their cafe area and enjoy the best cortadito (coffee with milk foam) ever! Soups are good there too.



  • Padrino’s Cuban Cuisine. Very Good place a little expensive but it is good, service is excellent. It does get packed but the food is so much worth it. The coffee was not as good as Versailles but their Mojitos are good.



  • Sazon Cuban Cuisine. Delicious and super cheap. We got there just on time because by the time we were leaving it was getting full, but again we went on a Tuesday. It was fun, I love the location after we ate we went for a walk on the beach it was truly awesome. Third best Cortadito!




  • Bocas Grill. I enjoy this restaurant so much because of the different flavors. They are mainly Venezuelian but the have some Peruvian flavor too. The prices are a little high but it is worth it. We went on a Monday so not too many people but a year ago we went on a Saturday night and it was packed. I didn’t drink coffee bur the Chicha (That delicious drink in the picture) it is so delicious.



  • Vicky’s Bakery. We visit these bakeries so many times, there are so many of them around the area we were. We usually ate breakfast and brunch there. Everything I tried was just delicious and the Cortadito is tied with Versailles. Prices are cheap and it doesn’t matter the time this place is always full of people. The girls that worked there are super nice, this is the place I missed the most.


I will keep looking thru my photos because there are a lot more restaurants. Thanks for reading my blogs!!

Have a blessed day.

With Love,


“If you educate a man, you simply educate an individual, but if you educate a woman, you educate a whole nation” – James Emman Kwegyir Aggrey


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  1. Love that last saying by James… 😂 told it to my husband, he was not amused. But I’m sure he’s right! 😂 😂 😂

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