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50 Things You Didn’t Know About Me!

Hello People,

How did your week go? My children were off from school the whole week, so since they were home with me my week was a little hectic, but it was fun!

50 Things You Didn’t Know About Me (I will try my best to do it in order) ….

  1. I am the biggest procrastinator alive! Everything for me is tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow (Annie at is best). I got better after my children were born but I still need to change.
  2. I Hesitate a lot.  If somebody hurts my feelings I do my best not to hurt theirs, I stay quiet, of course, I do explode but I feel like if I wouldn’t hesitate I didn’t have to explode. Get it?
  3. I think a lot before I do anything, I actually overthink.
  4. I am a perfectionist.
  5. I take 30000000000 pictures and end up hating all of them.
  6. I don’t like to be alone.
  7. I write a lot. I sit down and write my shopping list (usually by aisle). I write about my week, what should I cook, I write recipes, try them and then fix them. I write about our vacations, what we need, where are we eating, what are we wearing, etc.
  8. I have trust issues.
  9. Every time I buy something more than $100 I have buyer’s remorse. I think it’s going to break, why do I buy it? Do I really need it?.
  10. I have to buy 2  of certain things like pots, shirts,  pens, socks, small things.
  11. I can’t watch a TV series while is happening, I have to record it. I can’t watch whatever is going to happen in the next episode and if I am extremely interested in watching a movie I can’t watch the trailer.
  12. I don’t like to watch scary movies if I do I have to see the making of it (not the trailer) and it can’t be inspired by real-life events because then I won’t watch it.
  13. If I Do like a movie I watch it 1,000 times if I have to. Movies I watched more than once; Avatar, Red (1 & 2), Harry Potter (all of them but the last one, I watched the last one once), To Wong Too, Thanks for Everything! Julie Newmar,
  14. If I record shows from Investigation Discovery I can’t watch the first 2-3 minutes, you know the introduction, because I will know what is going to happen.
  15. I don’t like to drive.
  16. I do like long drives.
  17. I only eat apples on apple season.
  18. I planned things in my head and it never happens that way.
  19. I am the worst bitch when it comes to my children. Momma Lion at its best.
  20. You do not mess with my children it doesn’t matter if you are my mother, father, aunt, uncle, grandmother, best friend if you mess with my children I will make sure they never see you again (by moving on, nothing aggressive).
  21. I like tea. love tea, especially the one I do with my own grown herbs.
  22. I don’t like onion and peppers but everything I cook has onion and peppers.
  23. I don’t care if I fit in.
  24. I always wear black.
  25. I hate planes.
  26. I don’t like training people, I think that everybody is like me I do learn by watching and doing.
  27. I am complicated.
  28. I don’t like pajamas.
  29. I need to be touched in order to go to sleep.
  30. I listen to music while cleaning and cooking.
  31. I like listening to songs in every language.
  32. I learned how to speak and write English by listening to Michael Jackson, No doubt, Mariah Carey, Alanis Morissette and every other interesting singer or band that came out in the beginning and mid 90’s.
  33. I don’t like to speak to a person that did me wrong, I rather ignore them for rest of my life.
  34. I do forgive but I don’t forget.
  35. I think every unsolved murder can be solved.
  36. I love homemade and handmade stuff.
  37. I do not buy anything full price I do wait until is on sale.
  38. I hate when people stare.
  39. I hate when people don’t understand each other.
  40. I hate strong colognes and perfumes.
  41. I hate when I go to Macy’s and the perfume lady thinks I need to smell good and spray different perfume near me.
  42. I do not know how to put makeup on.
  43. I have 3 Tattoos
  44. I like to help people.
  45. I believe my grandfather was the best man ever.
  46. I haven’t spoken with my father for 4 years and it should hurt but again since my grandfather raised me my heart believe he was my real father.
  47. I only have one good friend.
  48. I love The Golden Girls.
  49. I pray every single day. God is awesome.
  50. I know for a fact that my husband is the only man that understands me.

I know there are a least a million more. I will make a part 2 soon.

Have a blessed day.

With Love,


“If you educate a man, you simply educate an individual, but if you educate a woman, you educate a whole nation” – James Emman Kwegyir Aggrey

4 thoughts on “50 Things You Didn’t Know About Me!

  1. I can understand watching Avatar 1000 times… the beautiful parts anyway. I would fast forward through some parts that are hard to watch.

    1. Omg me too! Way too many sad parts I cannot wait for the second one 🤩

  2. #17 What are your favorite apples? Mine are Honeycrisp but I will eat any around. Apples are one of my favorite fruits! #21 What kind of tea blends do you make? That’s neat you make your own. #49- God bless, the best way to start the day is talking to God.

    1. My favorite apple to eat is the Keepsake Apple and to make apple pies Granny Smith. I love picking them they taste so much better from the farm! Teas: I make mint with cinnamon my favorite! Also ginger with cinnamon, chamomile with cinnamon (before bed is good) and star anise with cinnamon everything with cinnamon taste better! I will post a video soon on how I make it. Yes! Talking to God is the most peaceful way to start a day because God is awesome! God bless 🙂🙂

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