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Hopefully Our Last Winter Storm!

Hello People,

How is your Thursday going? I hope is going very warm. Mine has been very cold.

Yesterday we had a Winter Storm, the children didn’t have any school yesterday or today.  Our governor issued a state of emergency starting on Tuesday at 8pm until Wednesday 11pm.

It was very windy and horrible we had at least 14 inches of snow, but down the shore and upstate, there was flooding, trees in the street because of the wind and no electricity.

Thank God we didn’t have it so bad.

My husband took this pictures last night after the wind stop.


Doesn’t it look so beautiful?

Too bad by today and tomorrow it will be a mess I hope it rains so everything melts.

For the first time in years my children didn’t want to play outside with the snow, instead, they decided to drink hot cocoa with marshmallows and play inside.

Have a blessed day and stay warm!

With Love,


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