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Rebecca’s Clean Closet Online Thrift Shop Is Open For Bussiness!


Hello People

My name is Cristina Lowreley Sierra and I will like to introduce to you “My Dream.”  I started this online store in 2012.  It came to me one day while I was cleaning my daughter Rebecca’s closet; she had so many clothes and shoes.  They were either new or in very good condition and I didn’t know what to do with them.  After I finished cleaning my whole house, including my closet and all 4 of my children’s closets… I had at least 6 boxes and 4 clear containers full of stuff.

I did some garage sales, but it didn’t work the way I wanted to.  So I decided to open an eBay Store, followed by Poshmark and Mercari stores and it has been life-changing, I made it my full-time hobby/job/Happy Zone.  I made so many friends and have a lot of Positive Reviews/Feedback.

Now back to “My Dream” … I have decided that I need to fly with my own wings. I always dreamed about opening my own online thrift shop and I am finally getting that chance here.

Rebecca’s Clean Closet Online Thrift Shop is a small family own and run thrift store.  Everything we sell is very clean, good quality and carefully inspected by me before posting for sale and mailing them.  The following are items that we sell:

Clothes:  The clothes we sell were barely worn.  They are gently washed and pressed.  Some of the items are new with or without tickets.

Purses & Wallets:  The purses and wallets will be very clean and gently used. Some of them will be new with or without tags.

Shoes:  Like the clothes, shoes are barely worn and gently cleaned.  They can also new with or without box.

Jewelry:  The jewelry will be inspected as well, very clean and gently used. Some of them can be new with or without tickets.

Books and Magazines: They will be used most of the time and they will be inspected before mailing.

Household Items:  They will be mostly new, but if used, they will be in great condition.

Handmade Stuff: I will be making a lot of handmade stuff like Pillowcases, HairBows, Scarves, and Headbands. When I finish making them I usually put them away in a Ziploc to keep it clean. They will always be new without tickets.

Please note we will not be posting knockoff items.  You can be sure that all out items are 100% original.

“One Mommy’s junk is another Mommy’s treasure”


With Love,


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