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So I Got Scammed ONCE (and almost) TWICE!!

Hello People:

How was your Holiday Weekend?! Mine was excellent! I worked from Friday To Sunday and I had Monday Off. I did enjoy some late lunches with my Little Family and found a very amazing ice cream parlor around my neighborhood. We didn’t even planned to go away to the beaches or lakes for the holidays this year we did learned our lesson. Every Year like clockwise it gets really hot, then it rains and its gets cold and then it’s just cloudy.

So I got Scammed twice within a week and I really hope that if you read this please pay attention and don’t fall for it.

Two weeks ago after I send my children and husband on their way, I do what I do everyday, turn on my computer to check my emails and to start posting items on my store and as soon as the computer turned on I received this message:



I went nuts and I called the number (very stupid choice). A man with a very heavy accent answered he said his name was James. I explained the situation with my computer and he said that I should be very worried!

First of all when you call a company because you have a problem and they can fix it they always assure that everything will be fine, not to worry.

Then he went ahead and told me to give him access to my computer (WHICH I DID!!), then he said that I have more than 50 viruses in my computer and people all over the world are trying to steal my identity. He said a bunch of scary stuff to me! even how people are seeing my movement thru the camera in my computer (which by the way since I watched a very interesting documental I covered with a piece of gray tape)

He said if I make a payment of $340 for a yearly protective plan (but I had to pay $569.99 right on the spot) he will proceed with the firewall process and protect my computer and everything else in my house, because as soon he disconnect my computer from his data my identity is on danger, that is when I started to smell a rotten cheese.

I have to admit I panicked and called my husband (the reason I did panicked is because I bought that computer like a week before this happen, I have a, Apple MacBook for my personal use and I bought the desktop for my online store and my blogs). He literally screamed at me he told me to disconnect the computer and to hang up the phone.

I didn’t want to be rude so I told James that I have to talk to my husband that I will call him again and this is exactly what he said:

“That is not very smart Ma’am, there are a lot of viruses going your way I can guaranteed it. Remember this is not a SCAM this is real”

And that was the moment that I FROZED and I said to him “OMG this is a F…ING SCAM”

He didn’t know what to say, he started stuttering, he was a wreck. I hanged up then he called me again (in the beginning he said to give him my number in case we lose connection) but I didn’t answer.

After my husband explain to me how bad of a scam that was I was so mad and called him back (at the 1-800 number) somebody else answered. I was very nice and asked for James and I even told the guy that I was ready to pay for the protection, he was so excited that he wanted to do the transaction himself but I insisted that I wanted James since he was the one who was helping me from the beginning.

James answered and the first thing I said to him was: “Do you have a Mother?” he said: “Excuse me”, I said: “You heard me Do you have a Mother?” He said: “What my mother has to do with this” and I told him: “I don’t think your mother raise you to be a delinquent, do you know how hard it is to earn decent money? You probably don’t because you rather steal, do me a favor and remember my name and give it to everybody else is running you little scam and don’t you ever do that to me or to anybody again”

He keeps stuttering and to tell you the truth I didn’t care much and I hanged up.

My husband came home that night with the IT person his name is Javier, he is a very smart young man, he fixed my computer, installed some antiviruses, did something to the firewall and now my computer is extremely safe! I can’t even receive scam emails which I love so much!

Lesson of the day DO NOT FAIL FOR IT!! Javier told me that if that happen again (which he did promise it never happen), to just restore the computer, do not call, do not click on anything just restart and if it keeps happening just change from one site to another for example if you have firefox you can change to google (or whatever it is that is called) and vice versa and try to get an antivirus install but a good one with firewall protection included.

My Second Scam:

I have to say that since then I’ve been reading my emails twice.

I was sipping on my evening tea a week after my scam situation and I was going thru my emails on my phone when I open an e-mail from my Credit Card saying that my account will be cancel soon if I don’t click the link they had on the email and update my information and that I have to set up payments directly from my bank so I can received a $250 bonus on my card.


So I called the Credit Card Company, they said that wasn’t true that they don’t send emails or call nobody to set up payments directly.


I mean I always seen those news report like ‘Help me Howard’ when people get scammed and I am like: “That is never going to happen to ME” but guess what it did and it could happen to anybody and that is so sad.

I just read so many sad stories specially with senior citizens, it is very disgusting and depressing.

In the past I received so many FAKE IRS calls but nothing major until now.

Please keep your eyes open and trust your intuition.

I hope you have a very productive rest of the week.

With Love,

“If you educate a man, you simply educate an individual, but if you educate a woman, you educate a whole nation” – James Emman Kwegyir Aggrey

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3 thoughts on “So I Got Scammed ONCE (and almost) TWICE!!

  1. Oh, dear. Cristina. So pleased you got it sorted

  2. Scammers everywhere. Facebook actually took out money from my account for promoting my post. I did promote once. They obviously thought they could dip in whenever.

    1. OMG! I want to promote my business Instagram and Facebook, but I am always afraid that something like that is going to happen my husband told me to buy a prepaid credit card for those type of transactions, now that I know that they will do something like that I won’t do it with my regular credit card. Thanks for the Info!

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