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Resolution-Free Year

Hello People,

Long time no read! How was your 2018? How is the first day of 2019 treating you? I can’t complaint about 2018 a lot of surprises & changes. Waiting for 2019 to be good to me.

Now do you have any RESOLUTIONS?!

I sure don’t have any. I didn’t even eat the 12 grapes this year (just because I almost choke on one last year, I couldn’t decide which color should I buy and when I actually went to buy it they only have like the real dark purple ones and they were 2lbs for $9.49 so no thank you)

Last year I had 18 (since it was 2018) resolutions and I wrote it down.

  1. Lose weight: I did lost 20lbs but then I gained 30lbs.
  2. Blog at least twice a week: As you can see it didn’t happen.
  3. Curse less: I was actually trying to not curse inside my head while I was writing that resolution.
  4. Cook healthier meals: I did It!
  5. Quit soda pop drinks: Failed Horrible!
  6. Drink more water: Well I don’t drink a whole gallon a day even though I should but I am getting there.
  7. Go to the gym more often: Well I started going 5 days a week, then it was like 2 a week now is like maybe once a month.
  8. Learn how to drive, get driving license & a car: I just did it (I have to blog about it)
  9. Move to another city: I did it well actually I move to another state.
  10. Make peace with my Father and a bunch of others family members: I really couldn’t.
  11. Try to forgive certain people that my kids love for the sake of my kids: But for my own sake I just couldn’t.
  12. Baptize my children: I didn’t, but in my defense the Catholic church I wanted to do it around my neighborhood burned down, so I am looking for a new one.
  13. Let go of unnecessary hate and anger: Did it!
  14. Go on vacation to a new place: Couldn’t we moved around the same time we go on vacation.
  15. Start a Diary: FAILED!
  16. Keep up with my agenda: Well kind of!
  17. Work an hour a day on my online business: Failed!!
  18. Get a new hobby: I couldn’t think of any!

So as you can read I couldn’t resolute half of my resolutions, so this year I decided to just relax and have a resolution-free year, I mean do we really have to wait for January 1st to have resolutions? Can we do resolutions any other day, maybe June 1st?

Do we really have to wait for January 1st to become a better person? lose weight? stop being an asshole to others? pick up the phone and accept apologies? pick up the phone and call somebody you haven’t spoke in ages?

I mean do we really have to?!

Do you have any resolutions? Do you want to share them? Am I wrong because I decided to have any resolutions?

I hope you have a good 2019!

With Love,


“If you educate a man, you simply educate an individual, but if you educate a woman, you educate a whole nation” – James Emman Kwegyir Aggrey

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