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The Joy!

Good Day Happy People!

So I am in a pickle, I went blueberry picking, peach picking, flower picking and I even dance some live country music with my youngest boy!

But on my way back I was thinking, (I seriously have to entertain myself because that road was the worst thing ever!!) maybe this online store hasn’t work the way I was hoping for because you people don’t know me, so I am going to introduce myself to you.

My name is Cristina, I am a mother of 4 wonderful humans, I married the most amazing man in the world with a wonderful soul. I moved my family 1107 miles because I needed to find peace, I needed my children to have a better life, new friends a new start.

I have an accent, which I love because it remains me of my roots.

I love handmade/homemade stuff.

I open my online store 7 years ago, the reason why was because when my daughter was born it was so hard to go back to work because the daycares and nurseries were so expensive and I was going crazy I just didn’t want to stay home doing nothing, so one day while I was cleaning my daughter’s closet it hit me, she has so many new clothes, and clothes that she barely used and I said to myself I am going to sell them.

I end up cleaning everybody’s closet and no lies I end up with like 5 big plastic containers full of clothes, shoes and everything in between, so I decided to open my eBay store (which by they way I have more than 500 positive reviews) and every other possible online store.

I mean it is working just fine but I really wanted to cut the middle man and try to do things on my own and it has been so hard, like extremely hard.

I set up my Store Facebook.

My Instagram is beautifully set up, I mean people can just go to my Instagram (REBECCASCLEANCLOSET), click on the picture and it takes you directly to my online store website. I mean how cool is that?!, my husband helped me set it up.

I am very persistent.

I love God.

I believe in second changes, but not in thirds (when somebody hurts you more than twice is completely your fault).

I trust my instincts.

I really really really believe that it doesn’t matter how many times you try or how old you are or how gifted you are, or if you are poor, or rich, or struggling when something good is destine for you, when God open that door NOBODY can close it.

I like to write (well type), so I will be doing a lot of it, I want you to trust me and to feel comfortable. I just want you to look around my store and go window shopping for now, there is a lot of new merchandise coming soon.



“You can actually fall in love with my prices” CS


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