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My Valentine’s Day.

Hello People.

I wrote this on Valentine’s Day but because of everything that happened I just literally shut down everything, my computer, iPad, phone and the tv was on only for the Olympics.


Today I woke up so excited and happy thanking God for a new day! My husband gave me so many flowers and my kids gave me hugs, kisses and chocolate. I send them to school feeling so safe and so secure. I started organizing the catering orders for the weekend, reading emails, blogging, cooking and cleaning.

I went to get the little ones from school they were so excited showing me their Valentine chocolates and cards they had from their friends in school. They are also celebrating 100 day of school so they made a hat and they were so happy.

We walked home we say hi to a beautiful Siberian Husky puppy that the neighbor just adopted. She is so beautiful, she is brown and white with the most beautiful grey eyes. She loves to play and my daughter loves dogs.

When we got home my youngest son said: “Mami let’s watch Monk” (yes, he is 6 years old and he likes Monk the detective show) my daughter said: “Mami let’s watch the Olympics” so I turned the tv on and it was on NBCSN so I changed the channel to NBC to watch the Olympics and all I see was all these kids running with their hands up and police and parents looking for their kids and I just put the little ones in the dinning room table and told them to put their candy and chocolate together and to get the cards and just to read them out loud (I don’t let them watch news) I got my phone and called my oldest son to hear his voice (he is a freshman in high school) he was in football weighting room, I spoke with his coach they were fine, then I called my second son (he is in 8th grade) he was in basketball practice I also spoke with his coach and he said everything was fine. I also called my husband and he turned the TV on at his job and he was so upset.

Another shooting, yes our thoughts and prayers are with them and their family, but we do need more than that we really really really need it.

I am very pleased with my children’s schools drill. They have a wonderful program for active shooting and fire drill. Their security it’s amazing too, before you go in they buzz you in and you have to show ID at the security desk. THE DOORS ARE ALWAYS CLOSE. They don’t even let the parents go to their classrooms and sing happy birthday to their children  (which I dislike but it is for their safety), but you can bring their cupcakes, juice and goody bags for their birthday.

Last year my oldest child’s school had a bomb threat and the police, bomb squad, police dogs, SWAT team, everybody was there I was panicking, it was a mess. My child was not attending that school yet, but thank God it was not real and they caught who did it (a student) but because of that, I know they are super ready and prepared but again it is not the same as the real thing.

I am so scared of how prepared the killer (I am not writing his name) was. He got a really powerful weapon, bullets, gas mask, I mean he was ready for war. He turned the fire alarm on and was waiting for his victims like sitting ducks. He was just hunting.  Then he was trying to blend in with the students to get away.  I wonder how they got him?

But Why?!

In the news they said so many things about him, that he was a loner, he was suspended, he like to hunt, he likes guns, etc. But I haven’t heard anything about his family. How did he get the gun? Who bought all the ammunition? How he got everything else?

I mean do not get me wrong I usually don’t blame the parents because a lot of times you raise your child in a very decent way, teaching him/her values and love and somehow he/she just don’t get it. How many times have you seen a person raised decently and end up in jail? I personally know a person that was raised by a prostitute and drug addict jumping from one house to another and he is a very good Pediatric. The point I am trying to make is that you can’t judge the parents all the time

I never care much for Valentine Day, I  enjoy it because my children get excited about their candy, cards, and balloons, but because of this everything was ruined. I can’t turn the TV on I am scared. I am taking the kids to school tomorrow but I am definetly picking them up early.

Thank God they don’t have to go to school next week. I am so scared for them I don’t want to show them how scared I am but as soon as they walked home I explained to them what is going on and what they can do to protect themselves. My oldest child being the very sensitive person that he is just started crying and just asking God that nobody goes thru that again, my second child said to me that he has a plan he will just hide everybody in the closet and pray. My daughter said that her teacher said no to panic and my little boy said the news is not going to his school and that Monk will figure it out.

I am calling all three schools Principals tomorrow I just want to know how prepared are they?

But How Prepare are We?

The worst thing this is like a never-ending story and it’s going to keep happening, we have to wait for the next one and the next one, so besides to keep their phone with them completely charge and to be careful what else should I tell my children? Why is this normal? What can we do as a society?

Let’s keep praying.

Have a blessed day.

With Love,


“If you educate a man, you simply educate an individual, but if you educate a woman, you educate a whole nation” – James Emman Kwegyir Aggrey